Artist Biography

Artist Jo Napier and her daughter Julia

Halifax native and painter Jo Napier has been painting for 13 years, having studied at Vancouver’s Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design and Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Her paintings can now be found in private and corporate collections on Canada’s East Coast.

A former columnist (Globe and Mail, Halifax Herald, Ottawa Citizen) and journalist, she is also associate producer of two PBS documentaries and a TV series on digital life, co-author of Technology With Curves: Women Reshaping the Digital Landscape (HarperCollins) and writer of an award-winning documentary, Bronwyn and Yaffa, for the National Film Board (NFB).

This blog was originally created to track the origin & evolution of Jo Napier’s art exhibit/portrait series honoring “The Nova Scotia Nine- Great Women of N.S.


7 Responses

  1. Jo
    This site is spectacular!
    I just surfed to it (thanks to the bookmark promo-ing the Show in June).
    I am soooo proud of you.

  2. Hey Jo
    Wow…..great site, and really inspiring words and works.
    With lotsa love,

  3. Jo!!!
    I love reading and seeing more about your work and who you are. We are so happy to have a painting of yours ( a piece of you, from you and Baby J) in our home. So looking forward to the Nova Scotia Nine! Keep on painting. And, you’re not new.. you’re a natural!!
    Mim + Miss T

  4. Hi Jo,

    It was wonderful to meet you today! Your work is special and you are so talented!! I know one day I will have a piece of your art here in my home. In fact, I’d love to host a show some other day down the road…if you are ever wanting to do a house show again! I’m working on Jason re: the nude. I’d love to see it in my house…could we test it out someday?!

  5. VERY impressive site, thank you 🙂 Granny Ross is my GGG Grandmother, I live on the original homestead.

  6. Hey Jo,

    Your site is fantastic and your artwork (like all else about you) is wonderful. I love the photo of you and your beautiful daughter Julia. I hope to meet her sometime soon. Best wishes in your latest endeavours as Mom and artist…you are so very talented!
    PS Aileen Meagher was our art teacher in junior high school!

  7. Hey Jo, This site is fantastic, and your artwork is awesome!!!! I am trying to get a hold of you after receiving that lovely telephone message! We will have to try and get together soon for a lunch with Anne Smith and catch each other up on our comings and going. I am feeling great, loads of energy and look forward to seeing you! Love

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